Free a Butterfly Hotel Package

IS THIS the world’s most romantic hotel? Las Ventanas al Paraiso, in Los Cabos, Mexico, takes the love life of its guests so seriously that it has a dedicated director of romance.

Among the tricks the romantically-named Esmerelda Silva carries up her sleeve is a “Sleeping with the Stars” package.

The hotel will set up camp for you on a rooftop terrace so that you can enjoy the starry skies of Baja above, the moonlit Sea of Cortez shimmering below and each other in between.

Silva also organizes helicopter proposals, wherein the couple is whisked over beach where the words “Marry Me” are spelt out in sea shells and petals.

Alternatively, the hotel will print your proposal – or any other billet-doux – on fine paper, put it in a bottle and place it strategically in the sand, ready to be found during your romantic beachside stroll.

Or how about having a Mexican caballero in full silver-studded regalia meet you on the beach on his magnificent steed, ready to present you with an engagement ring? This one could only backfire if said caballero is too good looking.

Other romantic follies the hotel has come up include its “Free a Butterfly” ceremony. According to Native American legend, if you free a butterfly you get to make a wish. The hotel will set you up with a box of them for a butterfly release ceremony at – and there’s just no way to make this sound romantic – the special price of $13 (€9) per butterfly, with a minimum of five butterflies per order allowed.

Then again, who knows, maybe the butterflies find love in the box too.


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