A Butterfly Garden to be Built in Sanggaluri Park

A Butterfly Garden to be Built in Sanggaluri Park

A Butterfly Garden to be Built in Sanggaluri Park

Sanggaluri Park in Kutasari, Purbalingga, mostly known as an Insect and Reptile Park, has become the focus of researchers from the Nature Conservation of Soedirman University’s (Unsoed) Biology Faculty in Purwokerto.

One of the researchers, Imam Widhiono suggested building a Butterfly Garden to complete the attractions of Sanggaluri Park, where visitors can see directly the beauty of live butterflies and even the metamorphosis process.

“We have only been seeing dead butterflies. Why don’t we get visitors to enjoy live butterflies along with their habitat?” Imam asked, yesterday.

Instead of the exotic Papuan butterflies or imported Japanese Ryugujo Garden Butterfflies, the plan is to populate the garden with local Purbalingga butterflies that normally live around Mount Slamet.

In that way, visitors can see the characteristics of the butterflies, which are certainly different from the ones exhibited at Gita Persada Butterfly Park in Bandar Lampung, Cihanjuang Bandung, Bali Butterfly Park, Papuan wild forests, or other areas. This garden, besides serving as an educational tourism site, it will also serve as a conservation area for typical Mount Slamet butterflies which are threatened by extinction.

According to Imam, the park does not require large funds to be built. To procure a conservation habitat with 52 butterfly species like the one at Unsoed, it only needs Rp300 million. “It is the building that will be costly because this is intended to attract tourists,” he said.

Purbalingga Deputy Regent Sukento Ridho welcomed the suggestion. His office will accommodate all feedback to improve the development quality in Purbalingga, especially in the tourism sector.

“We will adjust all ideas with the priorities, given our limited budget,” he said.

Sukento also said that this year, Purbalingga aims to receive one million tourists for its nature and education-oriented tourism.


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