Bye-Bye Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly

When I moved into my house, I saw a lot of butterflies fluttering around front all the time. I thought, “Could that be a butterfly garden?”

I had heard of them, but never saw one in person, other than at The New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx. There, I walked into a tent and butterflies flying around all over the place — and even landing on visitors’ heads!

But to be blessed with one in my front yard? How could that be?

Then, I noticed Monarch butterflies — you the know, the beautiful orange and black ones — flapping their wings and landing on a tree in my neighbor’s backyard. They were just drawn to this one bush — and hovered like helicopters and then landed, doing dances as they drew the nectar from the flowers.

I was so mesmerized, I shot some video of one in action.

It’s kind of like the video I shot earlier this year at the Connecticut Flower & Garden Show in Hartford. But there’s less noise in this one. The spectators at the flower show were buzzing around like bees. This time, it was just me and my dog, Baci, who you can hear huffing in the background as she romped around the yard.

I paid her little mind for the moment as there’s nothing like an unexpected natural delight as you’re relaxing in your yard. Milfordites got it going on when it comes to gardening!

I took a peek on the internet and it seems there are all different types of “caterpillar host plants” and “butterfly nectar sources” to attract those gorgeous creatures depending on which are popular in an area.

But that’s too much thought for me, right now. I just want to sit back and enjoy the butterfly gardens.

Someone told me it’s going to snow Thursday, so I checked. But the National Weather Service predicts rain with temperatures no near freezing.

Still, let’s face it, folks, Old Man Winter is on the way. So let’s stop and smell the roses — like the butterflies do the buds — while we still can. Remember, while the Monarch butterfly in the video is likely on the way to Mexico, the rest of us will be left here in Milford snow.


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