Campfire Kids Brings the Great Outdoors — Indoors!

Campfire Kids Brings the Great Outdoors -- Indoors!

Live Butterfly Garden

Kids can now enjoy the “camping” experience in the comfort of their own home with Campfire Kids — Indoor Camping Gear.

Campfire Kids is the brainchild of John White, President of California-based Insect Lore. “Some of my fondest childhood recollections are camping with my family,” recalls White. “Later I got involved in Boy Scouts with my own kids and became Scoutmaster. These experiences left me with so many special memories that I thought I’d create a line of camping toys for families too busy to do the real thing.”

The indoor camping “gear” features a cool-to-the-touch campfire with glowing embers, a lantern with nighttime nature sounds, a fish fry set, camping tents, a wood-chopping set and more. “You really can create a wilderness camping atmosphere right in your own home,” says White. “Just imagine settling into your bedroom campsite enjoying the night by woodsy firelight while listening to chirping crickets, hooting owls and croaking frogs from the nighttime sounds lantern. Sleepovers will never be the same,” he added.

The Campfire Kids line of toys are currently available at Shopko stores, and – just in time for the holiday selling season. Prices range from $6.99 to $39.99 and the toys are recommended for children ages 3 and up.

Parent company Insect Lore is a 42-year-old business most famous for their best-selling Live Butterfly Garden — a real butterfly growing kit for kids. The company also offers a range of nature-related toys and kits that educate children about the world around them. Their items include live ladybug and ant habitats, bug houses, nets and other nature discovery toys.


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