Natural Habitat Adventures Monarch Butterfly Migration Eco Tour Visits Mexico Habitat as Seen in National Geographic’s “Great Migrations”

Averaging 25 to 30 miles a day, the monarch butterfly migration that travels from the eastern United States to Mexico’s Transvolcanic Mountains each year consists of perhaps the longest living butterflies in the world, surviving 8 to 9 months. Natural Habitat Adventures’ 6-day Kingdom of the Monarchs: Monarch Butterfly Migration eco tour visits the up to 300 million butterflies hanging heavy on the branches of the old-growth Mexican forests where they winter to avoid killing frosts. National Geographic Channel’s new 7-part “Great Migrations” documentary follows the remarkable insects’ peril-filled annual journey in part one of the series, “Born to Move,” airing Sunday, November 7, 2010. Viewers inspired to butterfly travel by the groundbreaking camerawork can experience the monarch migration firsthand January – March with Natural Habitat Adventures.

Monarch Butterfly on Lantana

Monarch Butterfly photo by Craig Glenn

Natural Habitat Adventures’ small-group Kingdom of the Monarchs eco tour visits three Mexico monarch butterfly sanctuaries, including El Rosario and Chincua, with groves called “magical” by those who have witnessed the butterflies’ aerial ballet. Some tours have the opportunity to follow a rugged trail on horseback then on foot to the most recently opened and least developed Piedra Herrada sanctuary. Prices for the Monarch butterfly migration tour are $2,995 per person, double occupancy, with a group limit of 15 travelers.

Other adventures from the award-winning nature tour company that follow wildlife migrations around the planet include African safaris – with two new trips, The Great Tanzania Migration Safari (December – March) and The Great Kenya Migration Safari (July – September); Mexico’s Sea Turtles (August – October), where travelers help with the annual moonlit olive ridley sea turtle hatch; a chance to swim with the world’s largest fish with Expedition Whale Sharks (July and August);. and five different Churchill polar bear tours.

Natural Habitat Adventures gives back to the places it visits with local business support, conservation education and sustainable practices – and all tours are carbon neutral. A member of Adventure Collection and exclusive Conservation Travel Provider to World Wildlife Fund, the company’s most recent awards include 2010 Tour of a Lifetime honors from National Geographic Traveler.


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