Have You Seen this Butterfly in South Florida?

Calling all nature photographers. A new butterfly has been discovered in South Florida, after having existed unnoticed for years.

Pink-spot sulphur butterfly at Flamingo Gardens in Davie

Say hello to the pink-spot sulphur butterfly. Known in Cuba and some islands of the Bahamas, the pink-spot sulphur had fluttered under the radar in South Florida for decades – if not longer – because of its resemblance to other species.

Andrew Warren, a scientist at the University of Florida, recently found old samples of the butterfly from as far back as the 1950s that had been misclassified as a closely related species. He put out the word in the butterfly community, and butterfly watchers in South Florida discovered they had already photographed the pink-spot sulphur in West Boca, Davie and elsewhere.

A lot remains unknown – what it eats, its geographical range – but it’s nice to welcome a new species to South Florida, even if it had been here all along.


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