Monarch Butterflies Back in Pismo Beach for the Winter

The Monarch Grove is full of butterflies again.

About 8,000 of the flying insects have arrived so far to spend the winter at the grove in Pismo State Beach.

A group from Cal Poly called “Monarch Alert” is counting the butterflies, and they say more are arriving every day.

The grove opened for the season Saturday afternoon.

They fly thousands of miles to make it to Pismo, and will stay for the remainder of winter.

They eucalyptus grove is a perfect environment for the butterflies to live in during the winter because the ground is covered in milk-week plants, the staple food for Monarch caterpillars.

The grove has some new features this year and offers visitors tips for how to attract Monarchs to their own yards.

It’s open daily from 10 am to 4 pm and docents are available between 11 and 2 pm.

Pismo State Beach Monarch Grove is located on the west side of Highway 1 just south of the North Beach campground.


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