Seed Magic

“Peace,” the milkweed murmured to the seeds that had grown within her. “Gratitude, appreciation, joy.”

It was a secret that she had learned from her own mother: Seeds grow stronger and more beautifully when they’re nurtured and sent forth with love.

“Enthusiasm, faith, delight,” she chanted.

She felt the morning sun warming them. She wrapped each one in her pride and in her fervent wishes for its happiness. The moment for their departure, she knew, was near.

“Have courage, wisdom, and kindness, my children,” she whispered. “Playfulness, service, learning, hope.”

She saw the distant treetops dancing in the breeze and laughed quietly at the way the little seeds were wiggling in excitement.

“Serenity, happiness, and health, my darlings,” she sang, as the breeze danced in and carried them away. “Have fun, sweet ones,” she called as they drifted into the sunlight. “Always, always, I love you.”


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