Butterflies for Buddies

If you ask someone what their hobby is, the most expected answers would include stamp collection, philately, cooking and so on.

I have reared around 26 species of butterflies for the past 24 years

Gopi with his pets.

But here is a hobby of a different sort — butterfly rearing.

Gopi, a native of Chalakadavu in Kasargod district, catches many people’s attention as he rears different species of butterflies at home!

According to him, he chanced upon a chrysalis in a nearby forest around 24 years ago. This accidental discovery aroused a deep curiosity in him. He took the chrysalis home and when a butterfly came out of it, he was thrilled. That experience fascinated him and he continued to rear butterflies till today.

“Rearing butterflies at home is a difficult task. But I’ve never felt the difficulty because I’m interested in them,” he says.

Each stages of a butterfly’s life demands a different nurturing process. Species like the Lime Blue, Common Silverline, and Grey Pansy are major attractions of Gopi’s collection. Now the extension of his house functions as an abode for butterflies. “I have reared around 26 species of butterflies for the past 24 years. It is an expensive hobby,” says Gopi.

Amidst his struggle to earn a living, he has never given up his hobby. Now his hobby earns him some money. “I have filed photographs of butterflies during different stages of their development. Knowing this, several school authorities and science clubs have approached me to conduct photo exhibition on butterflies,” says Gopi.

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