Sulfur Butterfly Rescued by Reading Woman

Valerie Van Opynen was admiring the snow from a window in her Reading home on Dec. 5 when she encountered an unexpected, but welcome, visitor.
Sulfur Butterflies
She found a sulfur butterfly on a roll of paper towel shortly after praying to see one more butterfly this season.

“I was in the kitchen, praying, ‘Thank you, Lord, for the beautiful snow … I wish I could see one more butterfly,’” Van Opynen said.
She came across her new pet Ariel that afternoon.

Van Opynen has been feeding Ariel apples, raisins soaked in water and organic spinach leaves. She even put a very small pine branch in the jar for her new friend to enjoy for Christmas.

“The butterfly was one of the symbols of renewal in ancient Christianity,” she said.

She also stressed that with all the bad news the world provides on a regular basis, she finds any bit of good news to be a big blessing.
Van Opynen hopes Ariel will survive until the spring so she can enjoy the warmer Michigan weather.


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