Tropical Butterflies Exhibited in Kiev, Ukraine

An exhibition of rare tropical butterflies native to South East Asia and South America has opened in a mall in Kiev.

Exotic insects are brought here every week.

[Nastya Kirnitskaya, Visitor]:
“They are still drying off after hatching from cocoons.”

One of the largest butterflies will soon be born.

[Asya Zakurkina, Curator of the Butterfly Collection]:
“Like all moths, it has no mouth, it has nothing to eat with. It lives off lepidopterous larvae. Therefore, its life is very short: 5 to 7 days.”

The butterflies have plenty of food – sugar and honey, flower nectar and the juice of ripe fruits.

Butterflies are a delicacy for other animals. So their bright colors, and sometimes their scent, offers protection. For example, this dusky butterfly simulates the eyes of an owl on its wings to avoid predators.

A butterfly’s life span can be anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

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