Woman’s Tree Stump Transformed into Butterfly

The big old tree stump in Ilma Reppe’s yard on Wood Rd. holds a lot of memories, but now it has been transformed into a butterfly to honor those family members who have gone.

Ilma Reppe stands with a butterfly tree carving in the front yard of her LaSalle home. The carving, which was created by Steve Gore, was a Christmas gift from her children. Ms. Reppe chose a butterfly in honor of her daughter, Cheryl Kamprath; her grandson Dominic, and husband, John, who all have passed away.

Mrs. Reppe’s children and grandchildren pitched in to have the stump carved into the shape of a butterfly. It took Steve Gore, a tree stump carver, four days to create the wooden art.
“It’s fantastic,” Mrs. Reppe said. “It’ll be beautiful.”
The butterfly is in honor of her daughter, Cheryl Kamprath; her grandson, Dominic, and husband, John, who have all passed away. It will be completed in the spring.

Mrs. Reppe’s daughter, Kathy Hartwig, said the family decided to have the stump carved as a Christmas gift. She said her late sister, Cheryl, especially loved butterflies. While growing up, the kids used to swing on the tree that eventually had to be cut down.
Now the stump will be preserved in remembrance of good times and loved ones.

“It’s very special,” Ms. Hartwig said. “It was a big tree while growing up. We used to swing on it when we were kids.”


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