Free Common Milkweed Seed Packet

In an effort to contribute to the recovery and resurgence of Monarch Butterfly populations, Prairie Moon Nursery will include a free packet of Common Milkweed, Asclepias syriaca seeds with every retail order in 2012.
Common Milkweed Monarch Butterfly
Monarchs appear to lay their eggs exclusively on Milkweed plants, making them the sole food source for their larvae. Once found on nearly every farm field, Common Milkweed numbers have been in dramatic decline in recent years, due in part to suburban development and the increased efficiency of herbicides used in conjunction with herbicide-tolerant, genetically-modified row crops.

Common Milkweed Monarch Caterpillar

Planting more Milkweeds, even in small urban pockets, can provide personal satisfaction and education while helping to counter increasing threats to Monarch populations. For more information, go to or


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