Butterflies Released for Top Cause

LAST Sunday visitors from across the country flocked to the property of Ray and Delphine Archer for their November Open Day and launch of Butterfly Plants for Poverty.

About 1000 people wandered into the Archers’ garden of eden, to hear about environmental conservation and having a humanitarian outlook for others less fortunate in the world.

The Archers’ said people in the West often forgot how fortunate they were and don’t have to get by on just $1 a day like millions of children, women and men living below the poverty line.

One of the ways they go about helping those in need is by raising money to help with the cleaning and purifying of water countries where poor people can’t get to it.

The way to raise awareness is to grow plants, and bring colour back into the world, starting with the many species of butterflies.

Ray said people were pleased and reported it was a very interesting day, despite the ominous weather.

“We had a release of 100 butterflies that the kids released,” Ray said.

The biggest success the Archers had was recruiting people from all walks of life to get involved and register to be volunteers.

“We had special guests like Haydn Sargent who got up there and did a great job.

“There was talk of how it all started, where the money was going to and how to create your own sustainable garden by other MCs.

“A lot of the local folk knew Haydn from way back and it was a great family day out.”

The Archers said many plants were sold and donations of dollars, plants and seeds were made.

“One group of people travelled at least 500km to get there,” he said.

“We also had a few people from Melbourne, but the majority came from Brisbane and Toowoomba.”

On February 27, 2011, the Archers are looking to do another event similar to it but instead of a big marquee, have a few different tents with guest speakers.

“It was fantastic to have everyone who came out to support the program,” Ray said.

“They were a great group of people who enjoyed themselves.”


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