End-of-life Promises Met, Butterflies Released in Perpetuity and New Best Friends Found Thanks to Grassroots Fundraising Effort of Vineyards Residents

Friends of Avow Hospice living in the Vineyards community have gone door-to-door, written neighbor-to-neighbor letters, held educational socials, a golf tournament, tennis clinics, silent auctions and assorted other activities to help raise funds to contribute toward the Avow Hospice $10 million Promise Campaign.

On November 10, Avow Hospice board of directors chairman and Vineyards resident George Walters gathered key volunteers and donors at the Avow campus to announce the Vineyards Promise Community Campaign for Avow Hospice had not only surpassed its neighborhood campaign goal but doubled its original goal by breaking the $1 million mark.

Mr. Walters initiated the Vineyards fundraising campaign in mid-2009 and has served as chair of the neighborhood effort. The campaign publicly kicked off with Swing, Serve & Celebrate at the Vineyards, a fundraising event chaired by Vineyards resident Mr. Eric Kronen, and raised over $100,000 toward the campaign in November of 2009. Over the months that followed, representatives from the individual neighborhoods within the Vineyards community carried the effort to their friends and neighbors.

In addition to raising funds for Avow, the Promise Campaign has focused on raising awareness about Avow Hospice services. Neighborhood campaign leaders shared informational materials and arranged for educational sessions within their associations addressing advance directives and hospice topics. Other neighborhood leaders conducted letter campaigns, and in many instances shared their personal experiences with Avow care. Neighborhood leader Mr. George Merritt shared the impact Avow made on his family when his wife received end-of-life care. A line from his letter, “Avow Hospice became the best friend my wife never knew she’d have,” inspired the central theme in the 2011-2012 Avow Hospice PSA campaign.

The $1 million raised by the Vineyards Promise Campaign encompass outright gifts, in-kind donations, pledges and bequests. Funds will be used to support un-reimbursable hospice care programs and campus enhancements and the endowment of the Avow Hospice annual Butterfly Release program by the Gorlach family.

Promise campaign fundraising activities will conclude in April of 2012 with a culminating golf tournament at the Vineyards and an evening celebration for Vineyard Promise Campaign donors at the Avow Hospice campus.


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