Fly Like A Butterfly

What are butterflies doing at a petrol pump? Read on to find out

The children's play area at the Jubilee Retail Outlet, Angamaly.

At the Jubilee Retail Outlet (JRO), Angamaly, they don’t sell just fuel. The Indian Oil Corporation-owned and-operated petrol pump on the National Highway attracts not just the vehicles that zoom past, but droves of children from the nearby school and of course, a kaleidoscope of butterflies. For here, in this 3.29 acre property, is a butterfly garden amidst lush greenery.

This is part of the company’s corporate social responsibility, its mission to enrich the quality of the community, preserve ecological balance by creating awareness of the environment.


Like most of the latest fuel kiosks the JRO includes a whole lot of comforts like restaurants, pizza joint, public convenience facilities, dormitories for truckers and a well-equipped children’s park.

As part of its nature awareness drive the company also has initiated environment friendly steps at the JRO like a Herbal Garden that has a collection of over 40 herbal plants, a biogas plant, vermiculture unit, water treatment plant and rainwater harvesting.

Visitors are provided handouts detailing the facilities, to help them understand the environment ideas, to propagate them. Explanatory boards are posted and there are business managers to help visitors around.

Spend time among butterflies

So next time when you are driving along this National Highway veer away to his green, environment-friendly place and while you fill up your vehicle spend some time watching the colourful, fluttering butterflies.


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