How to Encourage Wildlife in Your Garden

Gardens have become significant and important habitats for many wildlife species. Here’s our guide to how you can encourage wildlife by creating mini-reserves.

Invite wildlife into your garden.

Create a pond
Adding a wildlife pond will attract many birds and insects by providing food and water. Follow our instructions on how to make your own pond. The sides of the pond should gently slope, enabling the wildlife in and out safely. Add a bucket of mud from an existing pond to introduce pond creatures and many more will naturally follow over time.

Provide food
By planting native wild flowers in the garden, you will provide wildlife with food supplies. Build a bird table to leave out seeds from teasel and thistles. Native trees such as Sorbus and Elder will provide berries.

Flowers provide nectar to attract bees and plants with ‘flat’ flowers, such as Sedums or Limnanthes douglasii, attract hoverflies. Grass species such as oats and barley, will provide seeds for sparrows and continue to feed birds throughout the winter. Leave some apples on the ground in Autumn as butterflies enjoy feasting on them.

Avoid using chemical herbicides, fungicides, pesticides or creosote in your garden. As well as being harmful to you and the environment, it is very likely that the harsh chemicals will kill many of the wildlife species that are naturally attracted to the garden.


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