Master Gardener: Experiencing The Smell of Flowers

When I was a little girl, I always followed my dad to the town center. It took us about 45 minutes by bus from our village. He went to town to visit his friends or to take me around town and show me the life of the city. There were candy shops, toys, clothes and restaurants. The streets were always busy with people.

I loved to walk around with my dad and his friends in the flower park. There were many kinds of flowers with colorful petals. My dad gave me cotton candy and told me about the color and smell of flowers. He not only told me one time, but he also repeated it to me many times. I remembered it because I listened to him many times. But it is so funny — I did not understand him at all.

He showed me the colors red, pink, white, orange, etc.; the different shape of the flowers — iris, pansy, daisy and rose; and how to look close to a flower’s petal, how to connect in images. Irises looked like mouths with the tongue, throat and lips. Pansies looked so nice with the different color of the petal. The color made it look like a butterfly. Daisies have a bunch of tiny, white petals. It wasn’t easy to come close to a rose; it has many prickles. I got cut while I was trying to touch the roses. Each kind of flower had a different look.

My father told me to smell them. It was not easy for me to describe aroma for him. Some of them had a sweet, light, intenseness. The level of smell also changes depending on the color. Darker colors have a stronger aroma than light colors. The wavelength of aroma also changed with each minute. They smell strongest at early morning or late afternoon.

This thing my father and I did slowly, each time we got together. I put all of my senses to work, sniffing the flowers, feeling the softness of petal. A lot of people walk through life and never stop to smell the flowers.

Butterflies flew around them. They say each up and down of a butterfly’s wing changes the world. But I did not see any change unless dinner was coming.

Day by day goes by, seasons change every second, spring is gone by and summer is coming. My father spent time studying the four seasons, practicing to get through the circle of life in flowers. I learned from him to empty my brain and let the aura of the flowers come in. Seeing the essence of the color and the smell of aroma, the aura changed with time as I practiced it. It changed from dark color with a strong smell to colorless and a fresh smell. It took me awhile to find out that colorless water with the sun will change to a rainbow. Fresh smell is like spirit. I could not touch it. I could not imagine a shape, what it looked like.

Anyway, it brought me to a belief on something. It is as the aroma will expand all over the atmosphere. Later on, I grew up and understood that is the beginning of meditation. It makes sense to smell the aroma and see the aura, the experience of believing something I cannot see.

It is like climbing the mountain with different levels of aura. I like to study their meanings more to know about it. The flowers are out there and growing up every day in the wind, rain and sun as the earth still spins in the universe. Understanding auras also explains human beings. It is simple as the air people breathe every second. I think not many people care about spirit. If we develop the spirit and are generous, we can feel the change. Actually, if we are quiet and do not change, we feel the change in auras.


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