Out in the Garden: Butterfly Host Plants

Butterflies don’t appear in just any garden. Austin Area Garden Council President Donna Friedenreich recently met with Jack French, Austin Parks and Recreation Department Landscape Technician, who responsible for taking care of the Doug Blachly Butterfly Trail and Garden at Zilker Botanical Garden.

“Butterflies only lay their eggs on certain plants that provide food for the caterpillars after they have hatched,” French said. “These are called ‘host’ plants. Different butterflies require different plants.”

French said the Passion Vine, Pipevine, and Spicebush are common host plants in Austin.

“We all love seeing Monarchs during their fall and spring migrations through Texas,” French said. “Their host plant is Milkweed. The Queen butterfly also uses Milkweed.”

Here more about butterflies in this week’s edition of Out in the Garden.

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