Trench Wood Nature Reserve Goes Butterfly Friendly

A historic wood in Worcestershire is being made more butterfly friendly by a local wildlife trust.

The silver washed fritillary butterfly loves oak trees

The Trench Wood nature reserve, between Droitwich Spa and Worcester, was once used by a brush company to grow wood for broom handles.

Worcestershire Wildlife Trust bought the wood in 1986.

They are now clearing 30m rides to create sunny open spaces with plenty of wildflowers and sheltered scrubby areas – the ideal butterfly habitat.

Work will also be taking place to create glades within the woodland – this will encourage the growth of oaks, increase the diversity of woodland flowers, and help birds such as spotted flycatchers.

James Hitchcock, conservation officer for the nature reserve, said: “The work to re-establish some of the rides may look quite drastic in places, but it’s absolutely essential.

“By opening up these areas we’ll be helping flowers such as the common spotted orchid and butterflies like the uncommon silver-washed fritillary, which need oak trees that grow close to flowering violets to lay their eggs on.”


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