Around the World 11/22 – Day Ed

Hugh Grant, the beloved British actor, recently made headlines by accusing British tabloids of hacking his phone.

Grant took action after the papers claimed that he was having an affair with a Warner Bros executive.
Grant was furious, as the article was based on the contents of late night phone conversations between the two.
He is adamant in his belief that the only way they could know what they claim to know is if they hacked his phone.
The Notting Hill star added that whenever he called the police, a photographer would always turn up first.
The press fought back, by saying that they’re driven by a single motivation.
To expose hypocrisy, where famous figures make a living off a clean role-model image
Hugh argued that he never had a good name, referring to a notorious 1995 arrest.
He is determined to sacrfice whatever clean image he has left to win the fight against who he dubbed the bullies in the media.

A butterfly sanctuary in the temperate woods of Mexico.
Millions of monarch butterflies are arriving to provide an annual spectacle that shouldn’t be missed.
These majestic wonders flee the cold winters of Canada and northern United States and travel thousand of miles to hibernate and reproduce in the warmer regions down South.
Hundreds of trees crowded with butterflies can be seen along Mesico’s 13 thousand hectare monarch reserve.
They have travelled more than 2-thousand miles to congregate here.
And to take in the amazing sights, tourists, scientists and locals alike gather here.
Unfortunately, the area occupied by monarch butterflies during this time of the season continually decreased.
One reason was the prolonged drought.
And under such conditions, wild plants that provide food for the butterflies do not grow normally.
Also, illegal logging has threatened the butterflies in western Mexico.

On the borders of Iguazu National Park, Argentina, a new eco-friendly model has been found.
This next generation of models profits ecology and society at the same time.
Called The Triple Bottom Line model, it all started with big plans for the humble yerba mate leaf.
The plant with antioxidants is drunk as tea in South America.
The yerba mate plant is a tropical plant which grows better when protected from the sun.
But most plantations in Latin America cannot do that since they’re located into industrial plots which are free of tress, the result of the use of herbicides.
Guayaki is different in this sense.
The company is located in the heart of the forest.
Their philosophy is to produce quality products while protecting surrouding forests.
All this, while creating local jobs at the same time.
The company’s emphasis on sustainability is a large attraction for its consumers.
By 2020, Guayaki hopes to restore 60-thousand hectars of forests, while providing income to 1-thousand families.
Daniel Choy, Arirang News.


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