Grant to Help Devon Butterfly Population and Heathland

Work to boost the butterfly population and improve some healthland nature reserves is to get under way in Devon.

Silver studded blue butterflies were seen at Bystock reserve last year for the first time in two decades

An organisation which distributes money which would otherwise be paid in landfill tax has given Devon Wildlife Trust (DWT) £9,000 to fund the schemes.

The grant will be used to boost Bystock nature reserve’s population of silver studded blue butterflies near Exmouth.

It will also fund scrub clearance and restoration work at five nature reserves, including Chudleigh Knighton.

The work at the reserve in Exmouth follows revelations last year that the butterfly species had been spotted at Bystock for the first time in 20 years.

The butterflies rely on help from ants which tend their larva but need sections of bare ground to build their nests – it is this habitat which the project is looking to create.

DWT Land Management Manager Matt Boydell said: “This is a significant boost for us and will help in delivering specific habitat improvements on these important Devon reserves.

“Managing nature reserves for the benefit of wildlife is an expensive business.”


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