Tropical Butterfly House

Very often you tend to not notice things that are on your own doorstep or even appreciate them.

Dinno Lad Checks Out - Tropical Butterfly House, Wildlife & Falconry Centre

This became apparent to me during the half term week when I made my way to the Tropical Butterfly House, Wildlife and Falconry Centre on Woodsetts Road, North Anston. Granted it was a beautiful day which always helps encourage people to get out and about but I was taken aback by how busy the place was. Not only that there was so much to do and interest all ages as a special week of Halloween Spooktacular events were put on for the visitors.

Having been first opened back in 1995 the Tropical Butterfly House has steadily grown and grown and this year it is expected to top the 100,000 visitors mark for the first time. On entry you are given a detailed map to help on your tour round along with a time table of the day’s events. With the Halloween theme in full swing all 35 members of staff were decked out in weird and wonderful spooky costumes which went down a treat with the kids and many of the shows had a similar theme.

The Swashbuckling Bird Show captivated a very large audience with some slap stick humour while also being very educational. Gentle walks around the centre are easily accessible and many of the animals and birds are free to walk with you. The original butterfly house is a must see part of the day. You enter into a jungle type tropically heated glass roofed house and butterfly’s of all types shapes and sizes flutter around you. This has to be seen to be believed and the amazement on people’s faces at the sheer beauty of these fascinating creatures.

With so much on display including, Birds of Prey, Parrots, Meercats, Snakes and many farm yard animals there is something for everyone. The Butterfly Café is ideally situated next to the children’s adventure playground and this looked a popular location for many of the visitors many of whom had come from far a field.

The centre is open all year round and for more details regarding opening times and admission charges contact 01909 569416 or visit their web site

The next main event will be “Stables and Sleigh Bells” from December 19th until Christmas Eve when you’ll be able to meet Father Christmas in his enchanting grotto.


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