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Milkweed Propagation Society

For the past month, the Milkweed Propagation Society (MPS) has been going about its work with diligence and enthusiasm. The mission of the MPS is to aid the spread of common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) to all non-hayed fields. While we … Continue reading

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Seed Magic

“Peace,” the milkweed murmured to the seeds that had grown within her. “Gratitude, appreciation, joy.” It was a secret that she had learned from her own mother: Seeds grow stronger and more beautifully when they’re nurtured and sent forth with … Continue reading

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Area Way Stations Wait to Welcome Monarchs

The front line of the effort to save the monarch butterfly from extinction is the creation of monarch way stations where the insects can breed and feed. Of the almost 5,000 way stations certified by Monarch Watch, which is based … Continue reading

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Redring Milkweed (Asclepias variegata L.)

Redring milkweed is in the Asclepiadaceae (milkweed) family. It is one of about 115 species that occur in the Americas. Most species are tropical or arid land species. The genus name, Asclepias, commemorates Asklepios, the Greek god of medicine. Some … Continue reading

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Monarch Butterflies Back in Pismo Beach for the Winter

The Monarch Grove is full of butterflies again. About 8,000 of the flying insects have arrived so far to spend the winter at the grove in Pismo State Beach. A group from Cal Poly called “Monarch Alert” is counting the … Continue reading

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One of the most common and well-known signs of fall is the milkweed seed pod. At this time of year it is possible to observe a variety of seed dispersal techniques plants have evolved in response to their habitat. Some … Continue reading

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Without Milkweed Plants, Monarches Vanish, Students Tell City Council

Close to two dozen students lobbied the City Council to refrain from cutting down milkweed along the city’s right-of-way in order to protect the habitat of monarch butterflies. The students, all Licking Heights North elementary fifth-graders, stepped into the council … Continue reading

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Monarch Butterfly on Milkweed

Monarch Butterfly You can’t raise Monarchs without the Milkweed family of plants. It is the sole Monarch caterpillar food source. There are over 100 species of milkweed in North America. They are members of the genus Asclepias. The thick, white … Continue reading

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New Campaign to Spread Milkweed Plants

In an another effort to bolster a declining monarch butterfly population, Kansas University’s Monarch Watch program is unveiling a plan to spread milkweed plants across the country. Chip Taylor, director of Monarch Watch, said the effort would include volunteers collecting … Continue reading

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